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Whilst in search of a wedding venue in Sarajevo we discovered the Temple of Love

Marriage is not just a social or family event; it’s also a celebration of Love


Our love was not an ordinary romance of a woman and man who met, fell in love, maybe quarrelled once in a while and eventually got married and became yet another couple. We are two walking planets, complicated and crowded as Earth itself, unknown and unexplored as Mars, filled with as much love as Venus itself. Our love was not a love at first sight nor did it grow gradually. It was destiny that called upon us for a very long time and persistently until the moment we found ourselves in it and became Love we were meant to be. In order to grasp that Love we had to go through many trials and tribulations, and to wait for it for what seemed like an eternity. And for all those reasons the moment of our official, worldly union, had to be special in every sense of the word. To us, this wedding was not an ordinary wedding and we knew that ordinary restaurants and wedding venues in Sarajevo would not give us what we want and were looking for. Knowing that Love is the greatest world wonder and the finest filigree of life, we wanted to turn our wedding into an event that celebrates Love.


Special wedding must have a special venue

Even today we do not describe our wedding in customary way. Wedding, nuptials, celebration … No, those are quite standard words describing events offered by many wedding venues in Sarajevo, and do not come close to what we had in mind. Our Love had to get a seal of approval in the temple of love, and our celebration had to have love in its every detail.

As we intended to share that day with about fifty of our closest and dearest people, it was only rational that we started our quest for the perfect place, the temple with a tour of restaurants and wedding venues. To be honest, we have come across some beautiful hotel wedding reception venues, lovely restaurants and gardens; we have been met with some friendly owners willing to try to fulfil our desires. Maybe we would have even select one of those, and yes -then spend days trying to explain and describe what we actually wanted and waste all that energy, had we not found ourselves in Čekaluša street during one of our strolls.

Deliberately we shall omit the word coincidence, because we do not believe in coincidence. It is our Love that has led us to the number 61, to the door of the marvellous house of “4 sobe gospođe Safije”. Only one lunch in this fascinating ambience and a brief introduction to the story of Mrs. Safija was enough for us to look at each other in the same way as we did many years before … We knew this was our perfect place, our wedding location in Sarajevo. Here we found everything that organisation of our event would require, live music, etc., but none of that was conventional or common. Just as our love – it was extraordinary and very special.


The wedding experience in “4 sobe gospođe Safije”


Here we did not have to explain what we wanted our wondrous wedding to look like, here where everything celebrated Love it was enough for us just to enter the house, experience harmony and join in its love and celebration of life.

It was a true joy to watch our friends and people we love as their initial exhilaration with ambience they entered slowly turned into relaxation and pleasure.

Plates and glasses in the ” 4 sobe gospođe Safije” restaurant were not simply the vessels by which drinks and food were brought to us, they carried in the pure joy. We did not have special requests such as live music or anything like that, although the restaurant offers these option, however we had fantastic customized ambient music with soft shades of chanson, evergreens and our favourite – jazz caressed our ears as yet another addition to the magic of this place and our special event. No, of course we were not so completely decent and well behaved all night. Oh, later on plenty noisy and joyous. After many nice words, wishes, heartfelt congratulations and all-around happiness due to all this fine dining and consumption of some sweet nectar, there was no shortage of dancing or singing. And our dear family and friends shed even a few tears of joy , especially those who knew how much patience and courage it took for us as we waited for the crown of our Love.


To Mrs. Safia we entrust the seal of our Love


She, the magical Mrs. Safija, guarded us from the photographs above, without a tear in her eye. No, this elegant and refined soul just smiled at us that night and gently blinked as if she was saying: “Yes, I know it all, my dears … Love is indeed more important than anything.” And there we entrusted her with the seal of our Love. The registrar or even the marriage certificate we received from him were not as important as the approval of  Mrs. Safija was, a true guardian of the love who bequeathed us this place where everyone could learn how to love life and celebrate Love.

And so, the “4 sobe gospođe Safije” became our indispensable meeting point. Here we celebrate all of our important moments. Here we come with no proper reason whenever other than to escape from commotion of everyday life and to remember again the truth that there is only one life to live and that it should be celebrated through every morsel, sip, smile, kiss and gaze.


With love,

Azur and Dina