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It was perfectly tailored business lunch

In my calendar it was just another business lunch in Sarajevo

Frankly, last thing on my mind that day was either food or a restaurant. For me it was yet another business lunch in Sarajevo. I appreciated the proposal of my new business partners having in mind that it takes a five-hour ride to Sarajevo and my plan was to drive back to Bihać on that same day. My assistants just informed me about address Čekaluša 61 of that restaurant called «4 sobe gospođe Safije». It sounded interesting, but not enough to dispel million worries my day was packed with.

Suddenly, relaxed…

Interestingly, already at the entrance to restaurant «4 sobe gospođe Safije» my mood went in other direction. First glance at this place somehow, spontaneously put me in a relaxed mode. Friendly staff and a nice ambience seemed so harmonised. My business partners welcomed me and instead of usual stories about bad roads, inertia of the state in implementation of projects and other issues, first conversation went in a completely different direction. Still it was a business lunch, but quite different from any other I have ever had.

Tasty morsels of business lunch

The menu at restaurant “4 sobe gospođe Safije” was particularly pleasant surprise. Instead of usual case that, being already very hungry and very consumed with work, I choose the first thing I see as familiar and safest pick in menu, I found myself looking at attractive and new temptations. Red Dragon, beef fillet with potatoes and asparagus, seemed to be tailored for me. Familiar, but again quite new because of its special preparation and very fine presentation. I enjoyed every bite.

Closed deal and unforgettable business lunch

Relaxed and even smiling, we went on to talk about the business and in the end finalised it with mutual satisfaction. The contract was signed on the spot, in this beautiful restaurant “4 sobe gospođe Safije”, and it meant a three-year cooperation, secure profits and opening of new business opportunities. My new business partners said at the end that maybe we should have had formalized it in a more festive way. Can it be any more festive than this; I asked and pointed to restaurant “4 sobe gospođe Safije”? They laughed and agreed that I was quite right. Whatever the theme is, whatever business deal you make, this place has truly right measure for any event.

Sincerely, Boris