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Most Elegant and Most Delicious Catering One Can Imagine

I wanted the best catering for my graduation celebration


Last year I graduated from the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb, and joyfully completed studies of fashion design. Of course, first I had to share this joy with my hometown. Immediately after successful completion of my graduation exam, I bought a ticket to Sarajevo and could hardly wait to be with my dearest people. Earlier, I called my mom and friends and give them a task to find the best, but really, the best catering in Sarajevo. When I make such a demand, me, absolute lover of fashion, design and all that is beautiful, they know that it means every possible detail.


There is a superb catering in Sarajevo?


I was quite surprised when they swiftly replied they have found matching catering for me and not to be worried. I expected eye rolling, preaching and criticism that I would give them such a difficult task and they would not want to be responsible for my dissatisfaction, but now, all of sudden and so quickly they respond that this is a done deal?! OK, I thought, I will not be so demanding as usual, after all it is celebration of my first step into the serious business of high fashion. But, I’d like to have a celebration in its true sense and that it is not only food, but a proper catering after my own measure … I guess they know what they’re doing.


Table as an artistic installation


Only two available days to stay in my hometown and so much awaited celebration, regardless of all happiness, were quite stressful. Short rest, hair stylist and dressing up, and I ran into the living room full of fear for what I would see. But what I saw was not at all just a set table with food. I had to get closer to see such a marvelous, delightful, beautiful display of fruits, falafel with hummus, homemade pastry, marinated fish, pasta, sea food, healthy salads, a variety of cookies, selection of cheese and what not. And all that seemed as if ready for a photo shoot for some top notch culinary magazine. I was left speechless, and my mom and friends all gave me that look, “we-told-you-that-we-have-got-the-best-catering-in-Sarajevo”.

Restaurant “4 sobe gospođe Safije” is to be blamed for everything


I am perfectly aware of my favorite restaurant in Sarajevo, but I did not know that “4 sobe gospođe Safije” offers catering too. And not just any! The best catering in Bosnia and Herzegovina! Oh, I’m sure there is no match for them across the region, since they are the only restaurant that can offer such beauty to the beholder and such an experience for a palate, as there is really no better food than our food. Even my dad was happy.

“As soon as I felt that whole house was filled with aroma of fine local food, I felt better. No need to exaggerate, food is not about art after all, “he says. I claim the exact opposite. Food is art and, in addition to fine aroma and tastes, it must be presented and served in most beautiful and best way. My favorite restaurant “4 sobe gospođe Safije” pushes those boundaries too, I’m so proud of them



Darija S.