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4 sobe gospođe Safije are visiting Split

Love of Safija and Johan was forbidden love, that conquered many obstacles, and for a century is giving us motive and teaching us to nurture love.  Love is our story and it is riddled with „4 sobe gospođe Safije“. Love for food, wine, sea, friendship, because love connects. Food too.

While enjoying their story we decided to carry it on, not letting the veil of past cover it  and lastly to widen our friendships out of our 4 rooms, out of Sarajevo and beyond borders. With a great pride and enthusiasm we remembered our first friendship of that kind with restaurant „Philippe“ in Banja Luka and decided that this story has a sequel and it was named „Love connects. Food too“, because calling it a project wasn’t enough.

This story is unwinding for a couple of years already, but friendships we made are going to last much longer, as the friendship with restaurant „Zigante“ in magnificient Istra. We shared love, wine, laughter and incredible food, widened our friendships and shared some meaningful moments.


Friendships lead us to magical Split, Safija’s second home, in hotel „Park“ where once Safija welcomed her beloved Johan with finest meals, excellent wines and laughter. Today, a century later, „4 sobe gospođe Safije“ are visiting Split, hotel „Park“ telling a story and respresenting finest meals with the same enthusiasm once Johan had while visiting his beloved one in Split.