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Sarajevo Restoran - 4SGS

Sarajevo’s gastronomic and architectural attraction; iconic restaurant

4 sobe gospođe Safije is a concept that unites several components under its roof: restaurant, wine and cocktail bar, lounge room and Safija’s Garden. In years since its establishment, this restaurant gained iconic status in Sarajevo, and as good news travel fast and far, Safija’s is nowadays first on the “must visit” list of visitors coming to Sarajevo from all over the world.


House as a pledge of love

Safija’s incarnates all those marvellous features that are intrinsic part of genetic heritage of these regions, Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It cherishes a spirit of a long gone, but fine times, when people were devotedly appreciating kindness, modesty, refinement, good manners, hospitality, culture, arts…Times when it was equally important to take special care about quality of food as well as about proper serving and appropriate course of dishes served. Safija’s character was inevitably marked by her love for a man who did not belong in her world, equally as she was a stranger to his, facts that made their love almost impossible in those days. But as we already know – love, when strong and selfless, is indestructible and nothing can stand on its way. Safija’s and Johan’s story overgrew both time and space and became one of most magical love stories in this region. As a pledge of his love, Johan gave Safija a house on Čekaluša that modest as she was, regardless of wealth Safija came from, she wished for.


Gastronomic enchantment

Cuisine of Restaurant 4 sobe gospođe Safije is based on exotic fusion of modern cooking and traditional gems of BiH cuisine. This restaurant is taking special care that ingredients used are coming mostly from local productions.



What people think about us
The Only one worth to mention in the city at the moment

Go there, taste whatever you want, enjoy, have fun – ocassionally with fine non-disturbing music bands in the background and make your judgement. It is still in the wannabe Michelin star owner phase but with the solid prospect to become alike one day. Considered locally very expenssive but once you compare it with the similar attempts in the region very affordable.Eqisite service, very open minded owner … like it, especialy chocolate suffle ;-)